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January 19 2018

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Hey so I know Supernatural is not in vogue anymore (based on many valid reasons), but it would be really cool if people could tune in to watch tonight’s episode “Wayward Sisters” at 8/7c on the CW tonight or stream online tomorrow. The episode is serving as the backdoor pilot for an all-female hunter spin-off series of the same name. Ratings are going to play a huge role as to whether it gets picked up. The series is projected to feature 6 women (including 2 WOC) lead by Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes). Please tune in tonight to help give this series a decent shot!

January 12 2018

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January 11 2018

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gif request meme: @lots-and-lots-of-coffee asked ♡ gilmore girls + favorite story arc → the progression of lorelai and emily’s relationship


bi culture is being in love with both tony stark AND pepper potts bye

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“Let’s get into gender politics” - Oscar Isaac

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Prominent Bisexual Characters in MCU and DCEU in 2017.
(hopefully to be canonically seen as such on screen asap)

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Pantone’s color of the year is literally just Waluigi purple

Designers everywhere are gonna be painting walls and creating logos in this color and I’ll have to not think of Waluigi every time i see them. Which is of course impossible.

the year of waluigi has arived



Hello, yes, please watch and support Marvel’s Runaways when it premiers. With the recent white washing of most of the New Mutants cast, take a minute to consider Runaways the answer to the same cried for diversity we’ve been begging from Marvel.

It’s about a kick-ass group of teen superheroes that decide to runaway and rebel against their evil super villain parents, and includes incredibly diverse characters such as:

  • Alex Wilder, leader and founder of the runaways, the black, genius son of mafia bosses
  • Nico Minoru, the goth, Japanese co-leader of the group that is the magical wiccan daughter of some dark wizards
  • Karolina Dean, a solar powered alien lesbian that literally turns into a fucking rainbow
  • Chase Stein, the son of an abusive mad scientist, has some gauntlets that manipulate fire, he’s the lone white guy
  • Gertrude Yorkes, the daughter of time traveling criminals with a telepathic link TO A DINOSAUR, in the comics she’s a wonderful chubby girl, in the show she’s portrayed by a non white actress (but I can’t find the specifics to let me know if you do) and she’s a hella feminist.
  • Molly Hayes/Hernandez, the 14 year old daughter of mutants with super strength and lots of funny hats, in the show her last name is Hernandez and she’s portrayed by a latina actress

Now if the show succeeds and get’s a second season, there’s the possibility of including other important characters like:

  • Xavin, the shapeshifting child of Skrull warlords, who is gender fluid and switches between their male and female forms and is Karolina’s love interest, and, although alien technically, their ‘human’ forms are not white
  • Klara Prast, a Swiss immigrant that was previously the child bride of an abusive older man, and she can control fucking plants
  • Victor Mancha, the cyborg son of FUCKING ULTRON, while he’s a cyborg he’s covered in human tissue and flesh and in Latino

Besides all the amazingly important and wonderful representation it includes, the story is also so intense and full fleshed out and deals with finding your place and the fear of turning into your parents and how to be your own person. And it touches on identity and dealing with loss and it’s really just so good.

We’ve been complaining about and demanding better than Marvel’s white washed male dominated line ups for years and this is the show to counteract all that and PROVIDE THAT DIVERSITY AND PROVE IT’S A SELLING POINT FOR AUDIENCES.


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sugar pine 7 + affection

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Loki in The Mighty Thor #700

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gavin trying to explain how to grow trees in sky factory

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deanoru + height difference (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

bonus: karolina bending down to nico’s height ⊙﹏⊙

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Jack and Geoff in AHWU 

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“Now Amortentia doesn’t create actual love that would be impossible but it does create powerful infatuation or obsession for that reason it is probably the most dangerous potion in this room.”

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Don’t talk to me or my son ever again. 

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have you ever seen a woman so beautiful you started crying

PS: they cried


(nb ryder - they/them) 

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We are a family. And we’ll fight you if we have to. 

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oscar isaac wearing sunglasses and holding a cat

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