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October 17 2017


it took 51 years for Star Trek to be allowed to say “fuck” so you know don’t give up on your dreams kids

i have this one friend who has a crush on me… but only when he’s drunk. he’s a fucking pleasure to hang out with sober but drunk him has this crush on me and it’s really awkward.

and it’s 1am and so i ignored it when he tried to call me. and he just tried again and i’m like… pass a breathalyser before u call me pls

October 15 2017

okay like i shipped jade and cat so hard but i can’t even lie jade and beck were the definition of a power couple



ho ho ho- holy shit we are not ready for reputation


the good news is this benzoyl peroxide made the redness of my acne disappear!

the bad news is it did it by burning my entire face an even red colour

October 14 2017


today’s friday the 13th and if i don’t get violently murdered then what’s the point

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pick your warrior

October 13 2017

let’s go over my 2017 so far…

• my jobs both start really sucking

• really bad depression sets in from my birth control

• I find out a childhood friend killed herself six years ago and I didn’t even know

• my childhood skin disease comes back

• I lose a lot of coworkers as friends from both jobs (one because of pettiness and the other job because the workplace became too hostile to foster friendships anymore)

• my cat dies

• my long distance relationship is making me lose my damn mind because I’m so sick of being stuck in a different city, I just want to be with my partner

• I lose my job

• I burn through my savings and build up $700 debt because I can’t get a new job for 3 months

• the love of my life dumps me

• my friend group ousts me

• my ex doesn’t even say a word to me on my birthday

• a really awful person I cut out of my life ages ago reaches out to me and buys me expensive gifts to try to guilt trip me into talking to her

• I lose my other job

• my friends are getting sick of me not being over Taylor still (I probably never will be) and how I’m just sad all the fucking time now

• I’m completely isolated by my new job since it’s work from home

• I realise how much I dislike my new job

• there’s a huge mass shooting in my hometown (at a music festival a good friend attended)

• I get roofied

• my other cat gets diagnosed with blood cancer

October 12 2017

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my cat has cancer

me, slathering benzoyl peroxide all over my face: this is fine… i’ll just spend the next two weeks focusing on moisturising…

me: i don’t like medicating

also me: fuck i need like some xanax or cocaine or adderall or a shitton of weed or the sweet embrace of death or something


being a casual rick and morty fan rn

October 11 2017

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See you tonight #ChrisHemsworth #ThorRagnarok

October 09 2017

lmao it’s 7am and i haven’t gotten any more than 15min of sleep at a time yet because i keep waking myself up crying :)!

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why is life!!!!! like that!!!

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude i’m doing


not good

October 08 2017

why the actual fuck am i still alive

October 07 2017

it’s like i continually miss him more and more it’s awful

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