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June 26 2017

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wait when did he drive drunk?

sometime between the two most recent star trek movies - i think it was actually pretty soon after into darkness

he got a dui in new zealand, had his license revoked for a while

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remember when everyone loved chris pine b/c star trek reboot and then everybody hated him because he drove drunk and now everyone loves him because wonder woman???


June 25 2017

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“I don’t do damsel in distress very well. It’s hard for me to play a victim.”

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i wish i mattered



We are 99% confident that Pepper Potts does make a cameo in Spider-Man Homecoming!! We were all disappointed when the rumours about her appearance in cacw were wrong but this time it seems true! She’s apparently just in one scene but more Pepper is always good! :)

Sources: cast list on IMDB, Sony cast list on comicbookmovie, 3angrynerds tweet, this extremely SPOILERY reddit, and the original laineygossip post

June 24 2017

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“Chuck was a feel-good show.  Chuck was optimistic.”

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seriously tho when you make plans with someone for your one day you have that you’re able to spend together and then they tell you they have to do homework and then they tell you they can’t talk to you while they’re doing homework because it’s distracting and then five hours later they get back to you tell you they’re almost done and then like an hour and a half later they come back and invite you to a group thing because they’ve been talking with a friend that’s not you the whole time…

…how would you feel?

and the person that i usually go to when i feel like this isn’t my friend anymore and this is reminding me of that even more

you know when u feel like you’re ur favourite person’s least favourite person?  yh

can i go one day of my miserable fucking life without crying

i wish i wasn’t such a needy clingy piece of shit???  like if one of my All Time Favourite People chooses someone else over me i just???  idk???  like my heart locks up and i feel like i’m Objectively The Worst and try to figure out what the Thing I Did To Make Them Hate Me is????

June 23 2017

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Yvonne Strahovski - Premiere Of Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ - Arrivals [x]

Pepper Potts IS in Spiderman Homecoming



Sony confirmed her in the official Cast list.

I’m crying. She’s back!!!!! ❤

Not kidding, very thrilled to hear this!!

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— Anaïs Nin

June 22 2017

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lorelai gilmore appreciation week: favorite relationship
∟lorelai & rory ♥  “rory is my life. she’s my pal, my everything. and i would never, ever do anything that would hurt her. ”

i have to get ready for work which REQUIRES a shower because i’m like caked in dried sweat (it’s 116F shhh) but my water is STILL OFF oh my god

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