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May 17 2018

May 11 2018

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has this been done yet

May 08 2018

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tag yourself im the lucky one
(also OOPS i wrote ‘fav’ instead of ‘favs’ in the first one, ignore my stupidity)

May 05 2018

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“Avengers: Infinity War” has officially crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide!

for every 🎸 i receive, i’ll make a playlist of 5+ songs from my music on shuffle!

May 04 2018

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I had a dream about it.
It was so real.


okay but what about the first time one of nebula’s parts breaks down in avengers 4 and tony instantly volunteers to fix it and at some point she actually lets him help her

you know that fascination people have for tony getting close to bucky because he has a metal arm and has been used as a weapon against his will and all. nebula has all of that going on and she wasn’t involved in the murder of tony’s family so just tALK TO ME ABOUT THEM BECOMING FRIENDS AND NEBULA FEELING SAFE WITH TONY AND TONY SHAKING OFF THE FEELING THAT HE’S ALL ALONE NOW BECAUSE HE HAS HER THERE JUST LIKE HE HAD YINSEN BACK IN AFGHANISTAN i’m gonna cry

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when it’s 2018 and you’re still Loki Trash™

ft. @wienerlicious

May 03 2018

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Happy 10th Anniversary to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

May 02 2018

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Iron Man, released May 2, 2008
Happy ten year anniversary of the MCU


“Robert was the person who never doubted for a second the outcome. He predicted it months prior. Marvel anticipated that it would be a hit, but of a much more modest box office number. Robert actually called out what it would make, which was close to double what they were expecting. It was really fun to be with him as he went from theater to theater and would jump out in front and introduce the film and surprise the audience. It was a wonderful moment, where his life changed, my life changed, and Marvel Studios went from a sort of dark horse that nobody expected to be relevant, to starting a path that culminated with The Avengers and bigger and bigger movies.”

— Forging Iron Man: How director Jon Favreau launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe (x)

Please read the whole thing, it is amazing

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10 years ago… That’s how it all started.

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10 years ago today, May the 2nd 2008 - Iron Man 

April 27 2018

somehow that was almost worse

April 24 2018

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